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My name is Seth Powell and I am a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi (Bachelors in marine biology) and former World Racer (2nd generation W Squad, 2013-2014). At this point I've also led a World Race squad (4th generation A Squad, Jan - May 2016) and work for Adventures in Missions doing Risk Management.

On my travels around the world I realized just how much I loved to write, so I launched this blog! I have a link to my World Race blog if you're interested in seeing what went on during that season of my life, but this blog is for this season.

This blog's previous title was "Running with the River." I felt like right after my Race that God was taking me down some crazy paths, twists, and turns. Ones I wouldn't see coming. A lot like running down a river you've never been on before.

But after 2 years with that title, I think He's taking me in another direction. One where He's going to have me mull some things over. Deeper truths and themes. Things I've yet to learn. That's why I changed the title and theme of the blog. I tend to just play with thoughts and put them into blogs whenever I'm ready. Mostly just things swirling around in my head.

So, if you're here to read some of my thoughts then welcome! Grab some tea or coffee (maybe something stronger), have a seat in a comfy chair, and mull some things over with me.

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