Saturday, December 27, 2014


To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what I want to communicate here yet. Just that I want to communicate it. So, I guess we’ll find out together what this blog is all about.

The word “legacy” has been bumping around in my mind today. We went and did Christmas with my dad’s side of the family at my grandparents house in the middle of nowhere Mississippi. Which is actually a charming place. This is the first time I’ve gotten to see this side of my family since getting home from the Race. It got me thinking about who I was the last time I was there.

But it also got me thinking about the legacy of the Powell family. Who we are, what we’ve done, where we’re going. On an unrelated note I found out from my aunt today (from a DNA test she took) that I am 69% British, 32% Irish, 6% Scandinavian, 1% Greek, and some minuscule percent Middle Eastern. So.. Do whatever you want with that.

Uhhh... Home?
I’ve blogged before about the incredible people in my family. Especially my two grandfathers and the way they have modeled how to be a strong Christian man. Both in their own ways. I’d have to say I get my fire and conviction from my dad’s dad, Hiram. But my observant eye for detail, and the compassion I don’t talk about much comes strongly from my mom’s dad, Pat. The legacy I have received from them is how to do well in this world. How to live and help others do the same. How to fight for what is right, and persevere against all odds. How to walk the road less traveled and walk it well.

I know this is true of them because it is how my family has walked. Both sides. The Powell and Thomas (mom’s family) clan has walked strongly in the path that God has laid before us. We’ve all deviated and stumbled. Everyone one of us. But we have all come through, or are coming through. Even if times have seemed bleak, we are a powerful and indomitable group of people. We will always stride forward.

Often I speak highly of my family. You have to know by now that I don’t really embellish. If they were a less than stellar group of people you’d probably never hear about them. But you do, so take stock in that.
Though, being Greek might not be so bad.
Why have I been thinking about this? Why legacies? Why talk so much about my family?

Because I’ve been thinking about my own legacy. Where I’ve been, and where I’m going myself.

Looking back I’ve lived an interesting life. I would even say a full one up until now, even if you weren’t looking at the World Race. Everything I’ve done has shaped me up until this point. But I can tell now that I’m still climbing. The way I think has changed. When I was having Christmas two years ago I was a very different person than I am now.

Attribute that to AIM, the Race, CGA, or divine intervention if you want but the fact remains. I don’t think about how unfortunate things are, I think about how to fix them. I don’t wish people would feel better, I pray for them. I don’t hope something crazy will happen in the church, I ask God to come down.

I’m bold.

A kid that grew up timid, a bit anxious, and on the whole terrified to be the center of attention has become bold. Become willing to do something crazy. Something rowdy even. Something unexpected. For me at least.

I’ve lived a full life, sure. But my legacy is lackluster in my eyes. I’ve done plenty, and done good but it isn’t enough. I’m feeling fiery this evening. Feeling like I want to change the world. Feeling like I’m about to get the chance.
Regardless I'll always just tell people I'm Irish.
Who knows what my legacy will be looking into the future... But I hope it’s something bold. I hope it’s something incredible. Not for my sake, I don’t want the attention. But for the Kingdom. For people. To break the cycles of hate and evil that seem to be ever increasing in our society. Of sin and darkness in myself.

I still don’t really know what this blog is about, but I want to implore you to try something.

Ask for more. Pray for bigger things. Get rowdy with your faith. Do something unexpected. A theory I subscribe to is 20 seconds of insane courage. Do it. Go wild. Let God take complete control. Then tell me what happens. I wanna know!

I guess this is my final thought. If you looked at your year on Facebook and saw nothing to report. Or if you saw the most marvelous things you’ve ever done. Push for more. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Create your own fantastic legacy.

I wanted to type whatever came to me. It was what you see above! In essence, I’m tired of feeling like I could do more. And I imagine I’m not the only one. That’s what this blog is about, I guess. So... There ya go! 

Charge forward

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